The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin

The present building only dates from 1869, having been presented to the parishioners by Richard Benyon, Lord of the Manor, to replace the existing church which, due to the rapidly increasing population, was too small. However, even that church was not the first on the site, Christian worship having been practised here since Saxon times. It is believed that some five churches have followed one another. In the ninth century the Danes overran this part of the country. It is possible that when they reached Mortimer, the church, which would have been a wooden structure, was destroyed by fire. It was probably rebuilt, again of wood, before the Norman Conquest so that it was the Normans who built the first stone church on the site.*

It was during the building of the present church in 1866 that the stone cover of the tomb of Aegelward, son of Kypping, was found.

The Mortimer Local History Group has researched the history of Mortimer and the surrounding area. These documents provide an excellent historical view of the Churches in the Parish.

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Historical Images

* An extract from Mortimer Through the Ages © Mortimer Local History Group, 1994