What’s going on at St Johns church?*

You may remember we had to stop ringing about a year ago because the frame that holds the bells was rotten and unsafe. With the help of many donors, including MVP, we were able to raise the money to rebuild the frame. There has been much banging and clattering this week as the new parts are assembled in place by Whites of Appleton with help from two AWE apprentices and some ringers. We will be test ringing on Friday to make the necessary adjustments then, if all is well, we will be able to ring all six bells on Sunday morning.

The pictures show the main beam being carried in to the church then raised through the hatch into the belfry. It is 3metres long and weighs about 150kg. The third picture shows some of the new parts and the fourth shows the tenor bell which weighs about 400kg. Best not to drop it. The final picture shows the new clappers which hang inside the bell and strike the rim.

*Text and images copyright Peter MacNaughtan via Facebook MVP site

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